About the team

On August 4, 2019 it was 75 years since the raid that took away the Frank and Van Pels families, and Fritz Pfeffer. Although it was subjected to several investigations, the circumstances that led to the raid have never been fully discovered. This new investigation uses modern law enforcement investigative techniques, methods of cold case detectives, and testimonial reconstruction.

The Cold Case Team is comprised of numerous professionals, each aiding in their areas of specialization/expertise. Our team of historians, psychologists, profilers, data analysts, forensic scientists and criminologists are assisted by subject matter experts of various backgrounds. Among them former Unit Chief dr. Roger Depue, one of the founding members of the FBI Behavioral Science Unit. This way new light will be shed on the events, making it possible for the Cold Case Team to go back in time and make this cold case hot again.

The public's assistance in solving cold cases is very important. Do you have any information that can help the Cold Case Team to solve the question: What led to the raid on the Secret Annex? Please submit your information here.

The Cold Case Team

Vince Pankoke Lead Case Agent (retired Special Agent of the FBI)
Monique Koemans Criminologist, historian and author
Brandon Rogers War crimes investigator
Joachim Bayens Translator
Veerle de Boer Researcher
Circe de Bruin Public historian
Roger Depue Behavior Scientist/Profiler (retired FBI Behavioral Science Unit)
Amber Dekker Military historian
Rory Dekker Translator
Matthijs de Die le Clerq Researcher
Nienke Filius Forensic scientist
Anna Foulidis Public historian
Anna Helfrich Historian
Jean Hellwig Project manager
Soeliah Hellwig Gender researcher
Robbert van Hintum Datascientist
Christine Hoste Public historian
Nina Kaiser Documentalist
Linda Leestemaker Archaeologist, journalist
Bram van der Meer Behavioral psychologist
Lilian Oskam Criminologist
Welmoed Pluim Criminologist
Marin Rappard Heritage researcher
Isis de Ruiter Documentalist
Cerianne Slagmolen Historian
Patricia Spronk Gender researcher
Pieter van Twisk Head of Research
Rinsophie Vellinga External researcher
Machteld van Voskuilen Social historian

Consultants to the team

Frans Alkemade Expert in Bayesian analysis at Alkemade Forensic Reasoning (AFR)
Gerard Aalders Historian and author
Hubert Berkhout Archivist
Gertjan Broek Historian at the Anne Frank House
Corien Glaudemans Historian and researcher at the Haags Gemeentearchief
Bernhard Haas Forensic examiner
Eric Heijselaar (Archivist) Archivist at Stadsarchief Amsterdam
Peter Kroesen (Archivist) Archivist at Stadsarchief Amsterdam
Wil Fagel Forensic Handwriting examiner
Carina van Leeuwen Forensic cold case detective
Guus Meershoek Historian
Quentin Plant Data scientist
Leo Simais Police advisor
Hans Smit Police advisor
Eric Slot Historian, author and journalist
Gerrold van der Stroom Historian
Erik Somers Historian at NIOD
Sierk Plantinga Archivist
Sytse van der Zee Journalist and author

Advisory Board

The advisory board provides advice on the business and organizational side of the project and is not responsible for the content of the investigation and its conclusions

Job Cohen

Retired Dutch politician prof. mr. dr. Job Cohen (1947) served as Mayor of Amsterdam from 2001 to 2010 and as Leader of the Labour Party (PvdA) from 2010 to 2012. On July 2, 1993, Cohen became State Secretary (deputy minister) for Education and Sciences in the third government of Ruud Lubbers. On August 3, 1998, he resigned from the Senate to take up the position of State Secretary for Justice in the second government of Wim Kok.

Roger van Boxtel

Dutch politician of the Democrats 66 (D66) party mr. Roger van Boxtel (1954) was member of the Dutch House of Representatives from 1994 until 1998 and chairman for the liberal political party D66 in the Dutch Senate between 2011 and 2015. From 1998 until 2002 he was Minister for Urban Policy and Integration of Ethnic Minorities. On August 1, 2015, Van Boxtel was appointed as CEO of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen.

Michiel Westermann

Former director of Pink Elephant, Roccade,Twinning and Motek ir. Michiel Westermann, MBA (1952) has a long standing experience as a director of several IT-related businesses, incubators and rehabilitation technology. For over 25 years Westermann has been a member of several supervisory boards and has served in the boards of over 25 non-profit organizations.